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*The numbers indicated may not match real-time statistics.

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Our Vision

Sonalika CSR drives its force from the vision of a future which involves healthy lives and a cleaner environment. The roadmap we have created not only looks at effective action plans to eradicate crop residue burning, but also creates awareness and sensitivity in our society about its ill effects. We look at a future where every citizen is educated enough to contribute for the betterment of our environment.

On-Ground Impact

Achieved Almost Zero Stubble Burning In 25 Villages With Crop Residue Management

After providing awareness, education, equipments (like Happy Seeder, Spatial Zero Till Seed Cum Fertilizer Drill and Super Straw Management System) and infrastructure support, 25 villages in Karnal, Haryana that Sonalika CSR adopted have resulted in almost zero stubble burning, which has impacted 12,508* acres of land and 1,44,700* lives. With this, we not only prevent air pollution, but also create multiple agricultural benefits like, yield of crop increased by 10.2%* to 11.2%* and also 9.2%* of water saved during irrigation.

*The numbers indicated may not match real-time statistics.

210+ Farmers Have Pledged To Put A Stop To Stubble Burning

To engage with the agricultural community, Sonalika CSR, along with CIMMYT, organized an event called Sonalika Kisan Baithak. A lot of farmers and agricultural professionals attended the event and were educated about the ill effects of stubble burning. The event also helped them become aware of the benefits of crop residue management in the form of revenue and reduced labor work. As a result, 210+ farmers came forward and took an oath to support in putting an end to crop residue burning and contribute to the betterment of environment.

Active Participation From Govt. School Children To Bring The Change

One of our initiatives for cleaning the air was to execute a native plantation drive. To our surprise, little children from Govt. Schools were the leading force behind these drives and participated actively throughout. With their support, we effectively spread the importance of trees among young minds and also planted herbal plants in various school campuses.

School Children Of Delhi Marching For Freedom Of Breath

With the slogan “Protect Our Right To Breathe Right”, school children from all over Delhi gathered for a 'Students Action March'. These children stormed the roads and walked together with powerful messages for the society to see and realize. Their active participation itself is a great milestone for our cause, as we now know that the future generation is sensitized and dedicated to make our environment clean.

Awareness Drive To Stop Burning Of Leaves In Chattarpur Area Of Delhi

Chattarpur area in Delhi has significantly higher pollution levels than other areas despite having enough greenery. The main reason behind this was burning of leaves, and burning of wood for cooking. Our main focus was to provide educative intervention to the people living in the area and enable a sustainable future regarding the environment. We began the awareness drive with community mobilization, engagement and sensitization. We also educated them on alternative methods like composting and mulching.

Join The Cause

To make an impact in all our lives, we all need to come together and work for the cause. For you, for your family, friends and for the 1.9 crore people living in Delhi-NCR, join the cause and make all our lives smog-free again.